Dog Training Techniques – Operant Training

dog training techniques

There are many dog training techniques that can be used to teach your dog new behaviors. Teaching your dog new skills and tricks can be very fun for you both. However, there are also some techniques that just don’t work very well, and if they do you may need to change them. The following are some of the dog training techniques that just don’t work very well.


Dog Training Techniques: Using Tricks – One of the more annoying dog training techniques. First, avoid luring your dog into doing the trick. You want to use the dog training technique that getting your dog used to doing the trick. If you lure them in and they get confused, you will not have much success. So avoid luring tricks into the middle of a lesson.


It is best to use a treat or a toy that your dog will like when you start dog training with him or her. This way you can eliminate confusion and the confusion will lead to success. Reward your pet dog when they perform the right action. Use the same dog training tips as you would when training your own pet dog.


Dog Training Techniques: Using Body Language – One of the most important dog training techniques that every dog owner should know. This is the most common mistake that people make when trying to train their dog. People often don’t reward the dog after the action. Instead they give treats and praise to the dog because they see it as a win-win situation. While this is a great dog training technique, it doesn’t work with all dogs and it does not guarantee that the dog will perform the action every time.


It is best to learn about dog training techniques that ensure that you will not have any problem using your body language when you are teaching your dog. One such dog training techniques is to develop a rewards system where you reward your pet whenever he performs the correct behavior. You can also use a stick as a reward for your dog’s good performance.


Clicker Training – This is a dog training method where you send out a mild shock to your dog if he makes a certain motion. The dog training device sends out the sound of a click every time the correct behavior is exhibited. The sound of the click is audible to the dog and the handler. This is the most popular form of dog training today. People all around the world are using clicker training to train their dogs.


Conditioning – A dog training technique that is highly used by trainers to influence the response of the dog to a particular stimulus by giving it positive reinforcement. Conditioning can be done with the use of classical conditioning, operant conditioning or mixed conditioning. Classical conditioning uses positive reinforcement while operant conditioning gives the dog positive responses to a stimulus through negative reinforcers.


Puppet Play – This is a dog training technique where the trainer plays a puppet to distract his or her dog from the bad behavior. When the dog exhibits the bad behavior, the trainer uses the puppet to punish the dog. But he or she does this without hitting or punishing the dog in any way. The trainer may even reward the dog if the puppet performs the correct behaviors. Some trainers combine prying with punishment when they pair the two training techniques.


Model-Reyoning – This is another effective training technique used in dog training. This is also a good technique for the training of most small breed dogs. This is based on the “mirror method” which means that the dog will learn from its own mistakes if the master continually models the same behavior of the dog. This is more effective than classical conditioning since it models the dog’s own reaction rather than simply punishing or rewarding it. It is considered the foundation for many dog training techniques.


Clicker Training – Does using a clicker as one of the operant training methods is a good alternative to operant training since it is more humane. Clicker Training can be very helpful in breaking the bad behavior of the dog through clicker and hand signals. Clicker is an easy way of conditioning the dog as well as reinforcing the desired behavior through positive reinforcements. Clicker has become one of the most commonly used animal training methods in the world.


Surgical Intervention – Dogs that have been acquired from abusive backgrounds are often considered as being learning helpless and have low self esteem. Through surgical intervention, these dogs are provided with corrected behavioral attributes through surgery. This intervention is done through giving the dogs electric current through electrodes placed on their body; this corrective process gives the dogs corrected response by causing an electrical shock to the animals’ nervous system when they are engaged in the undesirable behaviors.

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